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3 Expenses That Gutter Guards Save You From

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Have you ever looked at gutter guards, and then looked at the price tag and decided not to get them because they're too expensive? You're not alone. Many people initially turn down the chance to get gutter guards because of the cost. But here's the thing: gutter guards almost always pay for themselves over time — and then some. Here are three other expenses that gutter guards will save you from.

The expense of cleaning your gutters.

If you clean your own gutter, then this service does not cost you much, if anything. But if you are not comfortable on a ladder and you hire someone else to clean your gutters, then gutter guards will save you that expense. The gutter guards will keep almost all debris out of the gutters, so you won't need to have them cleaned nearly as often. You might want to have someone come take a look and clean out any debris that snuck through the gutter guards every two or three years, but there won't be much to remove.

The expense of fixing your landscaping.

If your gutters get clogged, which is a whole lot more likely without gutter guards, water will pour down over the top of your gutters. It will land in your garden beds, forming holes in those garden beds where the soil has eroded away. Your plants may also suffer damage in the process. Replacing the soil or plants is not all that expensive, but if you have to do this year after year, the costs do add up. If you instead have gutter guards installed, your landscaping won't need these extensive, repeated repairs.

The expense of fixing your foundation.

If there's one part of your home you don't want to suffer damage, it is your foundation. A crack in your foundation can let water flow in. That can lead to all sorts of other issues, such as mold growth, insect infestations, and musty odors. Repairing such cracks can be really expensive. If you let your gutters get clogged, then water will pour down the side of your home, and you may then have to invest money to repair your foundation. Installing gutter guards to keep your gutters flowing freely will help protect you from the expense of fixing a foundation.

Gutter guards are a better investment than you might think! In most cases, you are better off buying these gutter guards and protecting yourself from bigger expenses down the road.