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Keys To Designing An Effective Spinning Sidewalk Sign

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A sidewalk sign outside of your business can be a useful tool for catching peoples' attention and drawing them through your doors. There are all sorts of sidewalk signs that you can order from your local custom sign company, including spinning signs. As its name suggests, a spinning sidewalk sign is one that spins in the wind. As long as there's a slight breeze blowing along the sidewalk, the sign will move — which can help it to stand out. If you're designing a spinning sidewalk sign with the help of a local sign company, here are some important considerations to remember.

Use Bright Colors

The spinning movement of this type of sidewalk sign can attract attention, but you can further draw peoples' eyes to your sign by choosing bright colors. Something that is bright red instead of gray, for example, will have much more of a visual impact on the sidewalk in front of your business. If your business uses one or more bright colors in its branding, try to incorporate one of these colors into your spinning sign. Even if your branding relies on muted colors, however, you should still pick a bright color for your sign.

Use Simple Wording

It can often be tempting to put as much information on a sign as possible. While some types of signs need to be highly informative, a spinning sidewalk sign isn't necessarily in this group. Its primary purpose is to catch peoples' attention, so don't make the mistake of using too many words in your sign design. For example, a sign that simply reads, "SALE" will let people know that your retail business has a sale going on. Such wording can be large and easy to spot from a distance, which won't be the case if you try to put too many words on the sign.

Use A Unique Shape

Square or rectangular spinning sidewalk signs can be effective, but it's always a good idea to talk to your custom sign company about other shapes that might be available. In many cases, you may be able to choose a shape that represents something you sell. If you run a burger restaurant, a custom spinning sign in the shape of a burger can definitely be something that people notice, for example. Your sign company should be able to show you images of spinning signs that it has designed for past clients, so take note of what unique shapes work well.

For more information about how to improve your business signage, contact a local sign service.