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Repair Vs. Replace: How To Decide What To Do With Your Gas Furnace

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It's the dead middle of winter. All of a sudden, there is no heat being distributed throughout the home. Your gas furnace has quit working on you. It's below freezing outside and you need to get your furnace back up and running as quickly as possible. While this is true, you also want to take into consideration a couple of things prior you simple have the gas furnace repaired. In some instances, it may be better to splurge and buy a brand new one for the home. Here's how to decide:

1. How Old Is Your Furnace Right Now?

So, your furnace is only a few years old. It makes sense to simply have an expert come out, diagnose the problem and repair it. However, if it is anywhere between 15 and 25 years old, which is how long NACHI states is the lifespan of most furnaces, then a replacement is likely your better solution.

If you can't remember when you had the furnace installed or it was already in the home when you purchased it, you can likely find the year of installation on the exterior of the furnace. If it cannot be located, you can switch your furnace off and find the metal place on the unit's chamber door. Make sure the furnace has cooled down before you do this, though. The model and serial numbers will be listed in this location, which can then be used to phone the manufacturer to determine when the furnace was made. It may not be the exact date of installation, but it is a close estimate.

2. How Much Is It Going to Cost?

Assuming that your furnace is close to the end of its life, and the cost for repair is going to be a large portion of what a new furnace would cost, a replacement is (or should be) in your future. It's the best possible option overall. The estimated average combined new furnace and installation cost is nearly $3900, whereas a repair costs close to $300 on average. Actual costs will vary depending on the type and model of furnace, location, season, etc. Whether you repair or replace, make sure that you get multiple estimates so that you can make a well-informed decision.

3. What Does Your Situation Look Like?

Because every person is different, every household's needs is going to be different as well. Therefore, the cost of repair for your 13-year-old furnace may be 40 percent of what a new furnace would cost, which means that you should ultimately choose to replace it. However, a brand new furnace isn't something that you can afford at the moment. At the same time, if you've been dealing with sky-high utility bills and you can afford a new one, now may be a good time to invest in a furnace that is more energy-efficient in order to help cut down on heating costs.

If your gas furnace has quit working on you, contact a heating installation professional for estimates on repairing as well as replacing your existing furnace. If you're unsure whether you should repair or replace, the HVAC expert from a company like Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you in making the most appropriate decision.