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Security Systems For Your Business: Why You Still Need Security If You Have Nothing Of Value

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When you just start a business, you may be hesitant to invest in a security system. This is especially true if you feel that you have nothing of value in your office that anyone would want to steal. However, thefts of computer equipment are not the only kinds of thefts that occur, not to mention that sometimes intruders are not there to steal, but to vandalize. There are some very important reasons for investing in a security system, even if your only office computer is the laptop you take home every night.

Security System Cameras Catch Intruders in the Act

Whether intruders tore your office apart or they broke in with the intent to steal something, it is very hard to prove and prosecute the criminals if you do not know who they are or where you can find them. Police are not going to bring in a fingerprinting expert for vandalism, despite what TV shows portray. That means that a CCTV, or closed circuit TV security system is the only thing that can catch these crooks and prove in court that they did it.

Information and Identities Are the New Gold Standard in Thefts

Thieves may be looking for electronics when they break in, but if they cannot find any, those file cabinets with tons of personal information on your customers are just as good. Thieves can use whatever information they can get to steal a person's identity, and create bank accounts, open credit accounts and borrow loans on your customer files. Would you honestly want to risk your business and your reputation with your customers by not installing a proper security system? Instead, consider everything in your office, including paper documents, as something of value and protect it all with a really good alarm system.

A Security System That Protects You Against Replacement and Clean-up Expenses

Finally, even if all you have in your office is a desk, a chair, a lamp, a few desk accessories and a landline telephone, with no security system you leave your office open to vandals. Vandals do not care how bare your office is--they bring spray cans, gasoline, knives or other sharp instruments and just about anything else that suits them into an unprotected space and trash it. That equals hundreds of dollars to clean up, neutralize, replace damaged items, and/or reimburse your landlord/lady for damages to the property that you could have prevented with a security system. (If your landlord/lady has not installed a system on the building, offer to pay half the costs to protect both your interests and theirs.)

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