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Six Good Reasons For Choosing Epoxy Flooring

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If you're considering replacing your warehouse, lobby, garage, or shop floor, you've likely heard of epoxy flooring. This type of flooring, which is made of resin, is applied as a coating and then hardens to create a durable, impenetrable surface in less than a day. Epoxy not only creates a beautiful, smooth surface, but will stand up to most anything your business can throw at it, from harsh cleaning agents to oil and grease.

Benefits of installing epoxy flooring

1. It's easy to clean. One of the chief benefits of opting for an epoxy floor is that it's easy to keep clean, no matter how much traffic and use it gets. Since spills can't penetrate this surface, epoxy flooring is a good choice for food service locations, health care facilities, kitchens, commercial garages and industrial plants. It is even a good choice for residential garages.

2. It's seamless. Unlike many other types of flooring, there are no seams with an epoxy floor where dirt and other debris can settle. Not only does this make the floor more beautiful, but it's healthier for your workers and visitors.

3. It's durable. Properly installed, an epoxy floor can last up to 20 years. This type of flooring also resists scuff marks, dents from things being dropped on the floor and abrasions from dragging items across the floor. There's very little that an epoxy floor can't handle.

4. It's resistant to most spills. Epoxy flooring is well suited to industrial settings because it won't be marred by oil or chemical spills. The hard surface is impervious to such substances and they wipe right up.

5. It's easy to install. An epoxy floor can be installed over your existing concrete floor. You don't have to have the floor torn up to replace it with an epoxy surface. That saves both down time for your business and the mess associated with breaking up and removing the concrete. Epoxy flooring is a liquid product that hardens in place, so it is self-leveling, another time-saving feature.

6. It's cost-effective. Epoxy flooring is also a cost-effective choice. Since it can be applied over your existing flooring, you'll save money by not having to install new underflooring, nor do you have to spend money having your original floor removed.

While an epoxy floor isn't the right choice for every business, this type of flooring is beautiful, durable and easy to keep clean. It's certainly worth considering. Tlak to a professional like Floorshield Inc. for more information.