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3 Reasons To Consider Using A Self Storage Company For Your Business Inventory Needs

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If you own a small business where you sell a product or merchandise, you likely have at least some area of your property devoted to inventory. While it is advantageous to keep most of your inventory on site, there are some times or situations where you might need additional space. Here are just a few reasons why taking advantage of a storage facility with self storage units could be right for your business.

Your Business is Growing Faster Than You Anticipated

When you bought or rented the building you are currently in, you likely put aside a certain percentage of the floor for inventory. But what happens if your business is a great success and you suddenly find yourself ordering in more inventory to meet your demand? Depending on the ebb and flow of your sales, you may run into a situation where you inventory warehouse becomes temporarily backed up with too much merchandise.

While you may want to move into a bigger building eventually, having another site where you can store all of your products until they are ready to sell can come in quite handy. Self storage units are generally easy to access at almost any time of day, so you won't need to worry about getting to your products quickly when the time comes.

Save Dramatically When Compared to Commercial Space

Obviously no prices are ever set in stone, but many self storage companies will be less expensive to do business with than what it would cost you to rent another large commercial office space. While getting more commercial space might be a good long term goal, you shouldn't let the high rental costs cut into your bottom line until your business is truly ready for it. Renting out self storage units can be a very cost effective way to significantly increase your inventory space without putting a huge dent in your bottom line.

Create More Inventory Space On Site By Putting Non Mission Critical Items Into Self Storage

Another way you could approach a lack of inventory space in your main building is to take a look at what you could remove from your site in order to create a bigger warehouse. Does your current warehouse feel like it's overrun with equipment you never use and more cleaning supplies than you will need for the rest of the year? Consider renting a self storage unit to store some of these less essential items until you actually need them so that you can free up more space for merchandise within your warehouse.

If you own a small business that sell merchandise, you likely deal with inventory control on a daily basis. Renting out a self storage unit can be a great way to get some temporary extra warehouse space or free up more space within your own building by removing less essential items. Self storage units, such as Pearl Street Self Storage, tend to cost less to rent per month than what it would cost you to rent out another large building in a commercial office park.