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White Glove Moving Service: Reasons To Use It For High-End Furniture

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If you plan to move to another place and have high-end furniture, you want to be extra careful with these items to keep damage from happening. White glove moving services can give you a stress-free experience for a couple of reasons.

Provide a Custom Approach

When it comes to high-end furniture like sofas and couches, you want to be hyper-specific with how they're lifted and moved. Otherwise, you could make a mistake and subsequently cause damage. If you use white glove moving services, professionals can provide a custom approach.

They'll gain insights on the exact pieces of furniture you need to be moved to another place, such as their dimensions, weight, and materials. They can then adjust their moving practices accordingly to ensure each piece is handled with care. You know damage won't be probable because of the extra precautions this moving company takes.

Use Padded Moving Trucks

It will probably take a moving truck to transport high-end furniture pieces during a move, but you don't want to use any type of truck. Instead, you want to make sure the interior storage area is fully padded so that your high-end pieces have extra protection.

You'll gain access to these types of trucks if you rely on white glove moving services. Companies that offer said services know how important your furniture is, which is why their trucks' walls are lined with cushioned materials. If your furniture pieces were to move inside and bump into the walls, they wouldn't be likely to scratch or chip. 

Expert Furniture Breakdowns

Some of your high-end furniture pieces may need to come apart before they're moved to another property. This might be because they're too big to fit through doorways or are too heavy to lift by hand.

If you rely on white glove moving services, you can gain access to expert furniture breakdowns. It won't matter what type of furniture you plan to move. Professionals will study each piece and see how it's supposed to come apart. They will then exercise caution to ensure no component damage takes place. For instance, they can secure furniture pieces in bubble wrap.

If you have high-end furniture that's really expensive and you need to move, it's important to take extra precautions to keep damage from happening. White glove moving services can give you the security and comfort needed to feel good about how your furniture is handled throughout this entire process. 

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