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Having Trouble Finding A Job When Switching Careers? Here's How A Resume Writing Service Can Help

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While it's common for people to switch career paths, the process isn't always easy. Without prior experience, getting your first job is often the hardest part. One way that you can make switching careers easier is to stand out against the competition with a stellar resume. If you're not skilled at writing resumes on your own, then hiring a professional resume writing service can help. To learn how using a resume writing service can help you successfully change careers, read on.

Highlights How Past Jobs are Applicable to Your New Career

One of the biggest challenges in successfully switching careers is that you don't have any experience in your new field. As a result, you'll have to show how your past jobs relate to work in your new industry. To do that, you'll need to show off achievements from past jobs that will impress hiring managers in your new industry. You'll also have to write your job descriptions in a way that shows how they gave you the background necessary for your new career.

Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult when you have little familiarity with your new field. You're likely unfamiliar with what hiring managers in the industry are actually looking for when they read resumes from applicants. That's why it's a good idea to hire a professional resume writing service — their experience gives them the ability to highlight how your past work has given you the skills necessary for your new career.

Helps You Pass Through the Keyword Filter Successfully

Since it's so easy to apply to jobs online, hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications for each position that they have open. In order to make sure they don't spend all of their time reading resumes from people who are unqualified for the position, the applicant tracking software that companies use will scan every resume that's submitted and automatically delete those that don't contain certain keywords matching the job description. These keywords are often software skills or certificates that are expected from applicants. Once deleted, these resumes won't be seen by anyone.

Since you're changing careers, you may not know the lingo for the industry you're going into. This can make it difficult to craft your resume in a way that passes through the keyword filter, since you may not be stating your skills in a way that's common in your new industry. A professional resume writing service with experience in the industry can alter the content of your resume so that it looks more like what the applicant tracking software is expecting. This makes your resume more likely to be seen by the hiring manager, helping you get your first interview.

Omits Irrelevant Information From Your Resume

Finally, a professional resume writing service also knows when to leave things out of your resume when they're irrelevant to your new field. Hiring managers scan through resumes quickly, so it's a good idea to only include information that's designed to catch their attention and impress them. You may be proud of some of your past roles or past accomplishments, but they might have little relevance to your new industry.

When you're writing your own resume, it can be difficult to leave out information that you're proud of. A professional resume writing service is a neutral third party that's designed to make your resume look as good as possible to hiring managers, so they'll omit anything that won't impress them.

If you're trying to switch careers and are never getting calls back from employers, it might be time to give a professional resume writing service a try. With an excellent resume that's designed to show off how your past experience has prepared you for your new career, you'll have a much better chance getting to your first interview.