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Mistakes To Avoid With Commercial Generator Installations

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If you put a lot into searching for the right commercial generator to invest in for your building, spend as much time reviewing proper installation protocols. This is very easy to accomplish if you first focus on common problems that can occur with this type of generator setup. 

Not Focusing on Carbon Monoxide Production 

If the right installation protocols aren't followed for a commercial generator, then carbon monoxide could develop. That's not a substance that can be ignored because even a small amount of exposure to it can have negative consequences. 

As such, you should set up a commercial generator while thinking about the development of carbon monoxide the entire time. The generator needs to be set up in an area that isn't enclosed. If you have to use this type of location, then at least make sure there are plenty of doors and windows that can keep carbon monoxide from building up to dangerous levels.

Not Including a Transfer Switch

Commercial generators come equipped with a lot of important safety mechanisms and systems. One of the most relevant to any commercial generator setup is a transfer switch. You need to make sure your unit has one installed because then you can truly verify the generator is the only thing producing power during a power outage.

Whereas if you didn't have a transfer switch included when your commercial generator is set up, your property could source power from lines nearby and that's not safe when workers are trying to fix problems with these lines.

Trying to Move the System Repeatedly

Some property owners will try moving their commercial generator more than once. They may not be happy with its current setup, whether it's a potential safety issue or an efficiency complication. You don't want to keep moving the commercial generator though.

In addition to having to deal with a bunch of components, you are putting the generator through more stress. Then it might not work as well once you end up with a location that you like. Study proper placement protocols so that the first location you choose ends up being what you stick with.

Commercial generators are going to give your building a backup source of power in case there is a loss of power. You can set this system up properly and safely just by going over plans that are relevant to commercial generators. Study them until you're certain of what installation steps to take. 

Contact a commercial generator installation contractor to learn more.