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A Job Placement Agency Can Reduce A College Graduate's Struggle To Find Employment

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After drudging through all those overnight study sessions, difficult exams, and mind-numbing lectures, you made it out on the other side and earned that coveted golden ticket to a better future – or so you thought. The Economic Policy Institute lists the unemployment rate for college graduates at 7.2 percent and the underemployment rate at 14.9 percent. So even after graduating college, the battle to secure employment is uphill. Recent college graduates can be savvy about the way they search for employment by using a job placement agency to reduce competition and save time.

Whittle Down the Competition

With the rise of online application processes, more applicants than ever are able to reach out to a single employer. Having hundreds of applications at ones disposal is only good in theory. Realistically, hiring managers who are inundated with resumes will only look through enough applications to find the first handful of qualified job candidates. If you are late to apply or if your application ends up on the bottom of the pile, the hiring manager may never review it, which means your chance of landing an interview is zilch. 

Unlike applying on your own, when career placement agencies send resumes to companies, the hiring manager is likely to read each one of them in depth. This is because they know that job placement agencies have a vested interest in vetting and referring only the most qualified candidates for the job. This helps whittle down competition by limiting the pool of applicants to only those who are truly qualified to fill a specified position. Also, job placement recruiters have access to jobs that the general public does not see, so when college graduates submit applications to career agencies, they may be considered for several positions. 

Save Time and Frustration

Scrolling through job listings and then tweaking resumes to fit employment profiles is a huge time suck. Not to mention the additional time and frustration it takes to register for sites just to upload and submit the resumes. College graduates only have to submit their resume to a recruiting agency once and then they are eligible for employment. Even when employers decide to downsize and employees lose their jobs through no fault of their own, graduates who work with career placement agencies are in a better position to avoid prolonged unemployment. 

Though the job market can be tough for recent college grads, they can significantly reduce their competition, as well as the time and frustration associated with job hunting by using a job placement agency. Additionally, a career placement agency like Career Personnel can reduce the likelihood of a graduate falling into the cycle of perpetual unemployment and becoming just another unemployment statistic.