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Creative Caskets: Unique Caskets You Never Would've Imagined

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Caskets are important to many people. It's your final resting place when you leave this world, and it should be exactly the way you want it. Most caskets look similar to one another. However, everyone is different, and caskets should be just as unique as the people inside of them. If you think that caskets are all just solid color boxes, you will love these unique caskets.

Tardis Casket

In 2009, a Dr. Who-lookalike made news when he died in a tragic accident. However, it wasn't his uncanny resemblance to David Tennant that got everyone's attention, it was his coffin. Everyone knew he was a die-hard Dr. Who fan, so his friends and family arranged for him to have a Tardis coffin as his final resting place. He would've chosen it on his own, given the chance, and his loved ones knew it.

Car Casket

Cars are a huge hobby for many people. Whether they're mechanics, car collectors, or just live to admire them, cars are well loved around the world. You can have a custom casket made that looks like your favorite car. You can race to your afterlife in a classic Mustang or a Ferrari. What a fantastic way to honor the life or a car-loving family member.

Nintendo Casket

Some people live for gaming. It's a huge hobby for millions around the globe. Some people prefer Xbox, some people prefer PlayStation, and others will only play on their PC. However, what many gamers have in common is that they have the utmost respect for classic gaming consoles. It doesn't get much more classic than the Nintendo and the Super Nintendo. This Super Nintendo controller casket is a fun way to be buried the way you lived. No matter which gaming system a gamer prefers, this is something most of them would love.

Animal Casket

A carpenter in Ghana is known for creating some wacky caskets. He has some amazing work on display in London, including an airplane casket, a cocoa pod, and a few different types of cars. However, his animal caskets would be particularly noteworthy to many animal-lovers around the world. He has created an eagle and a fish, which are both part of his gallery. If you love animals, you could have your favorite animal created to be buried inside of. Being encased in a lion or an elephant doesn't sound like a bad way to go.

Caskets don't have to be plain wooden boxes. They can be anything you can imagine. All you have to do is find someone who makes custom caskets or someone who is just good at carpentry. Use your imagination and get buried the way you lived: as an individual.