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Tips For Getting Boat Storage

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Owning a boat is incredibly rewarding if you love being out on the water, but you need to remember the costs of maintenance. One of the most important steps of maintenance is to store your boat. You will need to consider the options for boat storage facilities, what to look for when finding boat storage and the overall cost to pay for boat storage. Think about these words of advice below so that you can find the boat storage that you need.

Options to consider for boat storage

There are many different boat storage facilities you can write with, including the following:

  • Self storage unit – this is a common and inexpensive way to store your boat, which allows you to rent a garage space in order to keep your boat dry while it is being stored. These self storage units vary in size, and can range anywhere from 10 x 15 to 10 x 30 or larger.
  • Outdoor board storage – there are many outdoor self storage facilities that you can leave your boat with, some of which still have canopies and roofs that will protect the boat from precipitation.
  • Stackable boat storage – this form of boat storage lets you always stabilize your boat onto a lift, on top of or beneath other boats. This type of boat storage is usually right by the dock, so you can easily unload and get into the water.

What to look for with boat storage

You need to center your boat storage around what is convenient for your life. For instance, if you want to pull in and unload quickly, find a boat storage facility that has convenient drive-up access. You should also make sure that storage space is covered to protect the boat from the elements. Also be sure that the storage facility has excellent security, including surveillance footage and gated access.

Paying for boat storage

You will usually be required to either pay for boat storage by the month or by the year. For mooring, which refers to in-season storage, you can expect to pay as great as $1000 per month for large boats, while a rental trailer can cost anywhere between $300 and $2000. You also need to factor in storage during the winter, which might cost approximately $2000, depending on the size of your boat.

Consider all of these factors and find the boat storage that you need. Contact a business, such as Home Port Self Storage, for more information.