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Keeping Your Food Establishment's Copier Clean

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If you work in an establishment where food is served, and you have a copy machine on site to promote sale items to your customers, you will want to take steps in ensuring it remains free of debris. Working in an area where food is present can pose a risk to a copier if steps are not taken to make sure it is protected. Here are some steps you can follow in keeping this handy piece of equipment in good working order so you can continue to make flyers when needed.

Create An Area Where Food Is Not Present

If you do not have an office available for your copier, you will need to think outside the box in finding a spot where it will not be near the food you are preparing. Consider creating a small alcove made from crates or boxes filled with the dry ingredients your company uses daily. This barrier will help keep your copier from being out in the open where customers can see it as well as keep it protected from splattering grease and the hustle and bustle of other employees as they tend to their tasks. If you do not have a surplus of product to create makeshift walls, consider hanging curtains from the ceiling to create a small hideaway area where the copier can be kept out of the path of those working.

Inform Employees To Clean Up Before Using

Hang a sign near the copier alerting all users they must wash their hands before making copies. This will help keep food particles off of the exterior of the copy machine and will help keep the paper being put inside from becoming caked with grime. Let fellow employees know they should never use the copier when in the middle of a food order as the food can end up ruining the machine and the copies it makes. Consider placing a waterless soap near the copy machine if it is unfeasible to get to a sink before using the machine. Sanitary wipes can also be placed nearby so food can be removed from the hands in its entirety.

Designate Someone To Do Paperwork Instead Of Food Preparation

Have one person in the establishment designated to undertake all secretarial tasks each day. This person will not be handling food, making it less likely that the copier will become dirty as a result. Rather than hire an administrative assistant, have the present employees scheduled in a way that they alternate at doing the clerical duties each day. A calendar can be posted on a wall so employees know whose turn it is to do these tasks each day of the week. Besides making copies, this person can also handle telephone calls, emails, and social media posts. The employees will enjoy having a day off from the grind of preparing food, and having one person work solely on office tasks will help keep the copier in good working order.

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