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Tips For Preventing Injuries When Loading Your Box Truck On Moving Day

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Renting a box truck will make your life easier on moving day, provided that you load it correctly. While people will often take care to load their truck cautiously to ensure that each packed item stays safe during the ride from one house to the other, some neglect to focus on their safety while loading the truck. It's easy for a back injury or a muscle strain to interfere with your moving day, but taking the correct approach to loading the truck can limit the risk of these untimely injuries taking place. Here are some injury prevention tips to keep in mind as you load your rented box truck.

Always Use The Ramp

Box trucks are equipped with a pull-out ramp that makes it easy to ascend into the back of the truck, so you should always make sure to deploy this ramp. Don't think of dealing with the ramp as an extra step on a day that is already busy -- by easily walking up and down the ramp, you'll put yourself at less risk of straining a muscle than if you try to continuously climb into the back of the truck.

Use The Truck's Supplies

Many box trucks are equipped with some supplies that can improve the ease -- and safety -- of your move. For example, the wheeled cart that will reduce the strain on your body of moving a pile of boxes, a large appliance or virtually anything that is heavy or cumbersome. Likewise, hand straps are ideal for slipping under a heavy object so that you can carry it with your body in more of an upright position, rather than in a bent-over manner that could lead to a back injury. When you schedule your truck rental, make sure that at least one cart and some hand straps will be stored in the back of the vehicle when you pick it up.

Be Careful When Working In Pairs

It's easy to have one person stand in the truck and receive boxes from another person on the ground, but the former person will need to bend over to grab each box. This can lead to a repetitive strain issue by the end of the day or an acute back injury. Although it can be efficient for one person to remain in the box truck to pack it, make sure that the person on the ground hands over the items after climbing into the truck via the ramp. This ensures that the person receiving the heavy items will do so in a standing-up position. Look at this website for more.