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Training Guards To React To Threats

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Dealing with terrorist threats, bomb threats, and threats against personal safety is a problem all over the world. If you have a security company, you must train your guards on how to deal with threats of all kinds. If you want to spend a little more time training your guards due to the new climate, you may need to help them identify threats and learn how to protect their company from issues. Here are some threats and areas of concentration for your guards.

Bomb threats and evacuations

All bomb threats should be taken seriously. If the location receives a bomb threat, an orderly evacuation should be taken into account. Some businesses would rather not disclose to the crowds that a bomb threat happened, therefore all guards will need to practice safe, calm evacuation techniques in order to get the crowd out of a building quickly. Bomb threats also mean calling and speaking with the swat team and fire department. Your officers should be trained on how to properly communicate with other law enforcement entities.  

Terrorist threat alerts

When working at a large or popular venue while there is a high level of possible terrorist threats, security companies need to stay on high alert levels. If there are threats or has been terrorist activity, it may be a good idea to do proper searches. One way to speed up entrance into venues while still properly screening each person is to use metal detectors. This can lead you to any hidden weapons or contraband that should not be in the venue. Also be on the lookout for any people or groups that are behaving in a suspicious manner. Finally, learn how to do sweeps in the perimeter of the buildings to make sure that no one is lingering around the entrances or exits for any reason. All corners of large venues must be under the watchful eye of security to keep all event attendees safe.

Reacting to a nearby event

If a threat or an attack has happened in a building nearby, it is necessary for your security company to go into high alert and lockdown the venue. The first thing that you should arrange is a safe evacuation of all patrons using each possible exit. Make sure that the interior stays calm and orderly so that there are no safety hazards as you evacuate. If the nearby area is on lockdown, come up with a plan to secure the administrative areas of the venue and keep all customers safe, while guarding and methods of entering the doors.  

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