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The Top Three Elements All Logos Should Have

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If you are in the planning stages of building your own business, you need to take your time when it comes to crafting your logo. Your logo will convey your business's identify to potential customers, and will let them know what you stand for and what you are all about. Here are a few elements that you need to make sure your logo has:

Long Lasting

Your logo should not be all about the latest trends; trends come and go, but if you build your business right, your logo will be here for the long-run. You need a logo that will be just as effective today as it will be five or six years down the road. Great businesses have may make small changes to their logos over the years, but generally they stick to the same basic concepts that they started with.

If you look at major logos for companies that have been around for decades, you'll notice that certain elements stay the same throughout the various versions of the logo throughout the years, and gradual transition, making them recognizable and identifiable for consumers. You need a logo that has staying power and has key elements such as style and colors that will remind consumers of your business when they see your logo.


Your logo should be easy for people to comprehend. Your logo is not a space to cram in a lot of information. Your logo, through the words, colors and images used, should be able to convey to consumers the name of your business and give them a general idea of what your business is about.

Your logo does not have to convey everything one needs to know about your business; that is what the rest of your marketing material is for.


Next, every element of your logo should represent your company and what you stand for. It should clearly convey what your business stands for in an easy to understand manner.

For example, if your business is all about the creation of glass, it makes sense to use the colors associated with glass making, such as red, yellow and orange. Using a calming blue or water color does not make sense, just like you wouldn't use a water image for your glass blowing company either.

Make sure the color and images you use make sense with your business's image and mission.

Your logo is a powerful marketing tool that tells a story about your business is a very concise manner. Make sure that your logo has a long-lasting appeal, is easy to read and really represents your short and long term vision for your business. For more information, contact companies like Apogee Signs.