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3 Money-Making Reasons Your Business Needs To Start Using Custom Packing Boxes

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When you ship a product to your customer, you may not realize it but this is the perfect opportunity to market to your customers. In addition, it is also an opportunity to save money. Ultimately, you can run your business much more effectively and efficiently. All it takes is custom packaging boxes. Here are three reasons why you should consider switching from plain and thin cardboard shipping boxes to custom and sturdy packaging boxes:

1. Start Saving Money on Your Shipping Boxes.

You may not think that you can save money by having to have a company custom make your shipping boxes, but you can. There are many ways this can work to your advantage in terms of finances. You will get to choose the best and exact size box for the product that you are shipping. This saves you money on excess packing material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.) as well as excess room in the box. There's no reason to have a bigger box than what it is needed.

2. Build Your Brand's Awareness.

There are tens, if not hundreds, of people that come into contact with your shipping boxes. All of these people that come in contact with your box is a potential customer, but they won't know about you if your box is just plain and simple with no advertising information on the outside. Make use of the sides of your packaging boxes and make sure that your company's name, logo and slogan are prominently displayed. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to build your brand.

3. Provide Important Information to Your Customer.

Not only are custom packing boxes ideal for marketing your company and product while also building your brand's awareness, but they are also a great information tool. Your box can be printed with information on how to contact your company, how to place another order, how to return a product, where to visit your website and much more.

Some business owners may think that having custom boxes made for their product will actually save them money, but you can see that it really can. You ultimately have a blank marketing canvas when you are shipping products, so why not put that space to good use? When you compare it to your other marketing techniques, the investment for custom packaging boxes is minimal. This is particularly true when you compare the amount of traffic that will see your custom boxes. Market your product and save money at the same time by contacting a custom box outlet (such as Boxes 4 U) today for a quote on custom boxes for your business.