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3 Tips For Getting The Most Of Custom Signs

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The type of signs you purchase for your business will dictate a lot about how well you are able to market yourself and garner attention. Because of this, you should take all of the necessary steps when designing, creating and placing your outdoor sign. Employing the right strategies for your sign can increase your visibility and attract more clientele, while going about it in the wrong way allows for a lot of missed opportunity. Take advantage of these tips, so that you can get the most out of your new custom sign. 

1) Keep Your Design Simple And Focus On The Facts

When you are planning for a large outdoor sign, it can be tempting to add a bunch of different colors, designs, fonts and information. However, this can do more harm than good, as throwing too much at the viewer at once can ultimately be distracting. Studies indicate that you should instead focus on simplistic color combinations, while highlighting only the important information that a person would need to know about your company. By doing this, and choosing simple color schemes like yellow and black, or white and black, people that see it will retain 78 percent of the information. 

2) Include Actionable Information

Simply putting the name of your business and your phone number on a sign isn't enough in this day and age, where people have greater options and shorter attention spans. Instead, you need to be sure that they know exactly who you are and why they should get in touch. For instance, if you are leasing apartments, telling people that the first month of rent is free if they apply by the end of the month is a lot more actionable than just including your apartment building name and phone number. Use these strategies to your advantage, especially if you have promotions in the works. 

3) Keep Your Sign As Clean As Possible

It's one thing to order an amazing custom sign from a company like Davis Sign Co, but you'll need to keep it in great shape in order to continuously reap the benefits. Allowing it to collect dirt, grime and damage from precipitation will only strip away the sign's color and hinder its visibility. Consider hiring a company to periodically clean the sign, so that you never have to question whether it's in the best condition it can be in. 

Follow these tips, so that you are able to get the most out of your custom sign.