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Four Major Disadvantages Of Keyless Entry Systems

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While a keyless entry system might seem ideal- especially for those with a habit of forgetting their keys- there are quite a few drawbacks to this type of home security system.

Before opting for a keyless system, it's important to consider the disadvantages to make sure that you don't end up with a lock system that leaves you susceptible to burglars and other security issues.

The following are the four major disadvantages of a keyless, code-based system that you should factor into any decision regarding door locks in your home:

Possibility of hacking

Burglars are constantly becoming increasingly tech savvy. Many are now capable of hacking a code-based door lock, and this means that a keyless entry system might provide you with no protection whatsoever against would-be thieves.

There's no guarantee that a keyless entry system will provide more security than- or even as much security as- a traditional lock. Despite advances in technology, traditional deadbolt locks are often the most secure choice when it comes to protecting your household and possessions from theft and crime. 

Electrical failures

Keyless door lock systems run on electricity. This factor can make keyless systems risky. Most homes experience power outages on occasion. In order to prevent a power outage from keeping you locked out of your home, you'll need some kind of backup power. Of course, this will add to the expense of a keyless system. 


It's generally more expensive to get a keyless entry system than to purchase and install a traditional lock. The keyless system alone will likely cost at least $400.

While it may be possible to install a code-based lock as a DIY project, most homeowners will probably rely on the services of a locksmith professional to have such a system installed. This will increase the cost of a keyless system. 

Not only are the upfront costs expensive when it comes to keyless systems, but locksmith services might also be more pricey than normal when it comes to unlocking a door that is protected with a keyless system. 

Forgetting the code

Locksmiths typically recommend that those with a keyless system change their codes regularly to prevent break-ins. Of course, the more frequently you change your code, the higher the chances are that you'll forget the code when trying to get in. 

Deciding on the best lock

Unfortunately, both traditional and keyless systems tend to some similar disadvantages. Homeowners prone to forgetting their keys might also be prone to forgetting a keyless system passcode. However, there are some advantages to keyless systems—such as remote entry possibilities—that could outweigh the disadvantages in the eyes of certain homeowners. For more information, contact Pinnacle Lock & Safe.