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Storing Electronics: Tips For Avoiding Damage

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Whether you are relocating your business or simply need to free up a bit of extra space, placing unused office equipment and other electronics into a self storage unit is a great way to eliminate clutter. Unfortunately, this storage process can also result in damage to your electronics. Thankfully, the tips outlined below can help you to avoid damage and ensure your electronics still work perfectly when the time comes to collect them from storage:

1. Avoid The Use Of Plastic When Packing Electronics

People often make the mistake of wrapping their electronics in plastic in order to try and keep pests and dust out. The problem with this approach is that plastic will hold in moisture that can damage your electronics. If you wish to cover your electronic equipment to prevent dust from getting inside, choose a breathable fabric, such as an old towel or sheet.

2. Control Moisture Levels

The most effective way to control moisture levels in your self storage unit is to invest in a climate controlled unit. However, if these high end units are not in your budget, there are a few ways that you can help to keep moisture from damaging your electronics. For instance, placing a silica pack with your stored electronics will allow you to absorb the moisture surrounding this equipment before it is able to do any damage.

Just remember, these dehumidifying packs will be able to absorb a minimal amount of moisture. Consequently, you will need to replace these packs from time to time if your electronics will remain in storage for the long term.

3. Keep It Off The Floor

Placing your electronics directly on the floor can increase its exposure to moisture, dust, and pests. In order to avoid the damage that these elements can cause, you will need to raise all of your stored electronics off the floor so that air can move freely around all sides of the equipment. This can be done using a wood pallet of concrete blocks.

In addition to protecting against moisture and pest damage, keeping your electronics off the floor can also help to protect them against scratches, especially during the moving process.

4. Make Sure It's Empty

If your electronics currently house removable media devices or backup storage devices, you will want to remove these items prior to placing them in storage. You will also want to remove any batteries that the equipment contains in order to prevent corrosion.

Finally, you will want to remove any ink that the equipment contains in order to prevent leaks that may result from exposure to extreme temperatures. To learn more, contact a company like U-Stor-It with any questions you have.