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Hiring A Moving Company Saves You Money In The End

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 While many people may feel that they can't afford a professional moving company, it is a consideration to make when you are moving. Both your time and money matter, and hiring a moving company can save you on both by the time the job is done.

Costs of Moving on Your Own

There are many costs associated to moving that you may not have thought about: renting a moving truck will cost money, packaging supplies are expensive, and the time spent moving your things from one place to another can be endless. Even if you own a truck, it won't be as big as a moving truck. You will have to take numerous trips with your vehicle, which will cost you gas money and add to the wear and tear on your vehicle. Moving yourself is expensive, and it is probably worth finding a reputable moving company to provide you with a quote to move your belongings for you.

When Your Property is Damaged in a Move

If you and your friends move all of your property and something breaks, you will have to pay for a new item or suffer the loss. If a professional moving company breaks an item, they are bonded and insured. Depending on the type of insurance you chose for your move, you will receive some type of compensation for your loss. You can choose either by pound, or by full valuation of the item lost. Coverage and rates will vary by state and moving company, but you have more protection when you hire professional movers than when you do the job yourself.

Your Moving Expenses May be Tax Deductible

If you are moving because of your employment, you are allowed to file Form 3903 with your tax return. You must meet several parameters, which include a distance test and a time test to file the form. The distance to your new job is more than 50 miles than your previous commute, and you decide to move to be closer to your job. You have met the first standard for filing moving expenses as a tax deduction. The second standard is that you must work full-time after the move for at least 39 weeks in the twelve months that follow. If you are self-employed, you must work full-time for 78 weeks in a twenty-four month period for the moving deductions to be tax deductible.

Contact a local moving company today to see what your options are. You may be surprised to learn that a professional moving company is more affordable than you thought. When time and money is important to you, consider hiring a professional for your moving needs.